Vastu Consultancy

Vastu Consultancy

Positivity and calmness is what we all strive for in our homes. Vaastu Compliant Homes have been wanted by every one since a long time. An Indian Tradition which helps to keep serenity and positivity at all times. A home that woll keep your family happy and close.
We make sure that your house is constructed in a way that keeps all negativity away. Be it your living room, kitchen, or Pooja room, we make sure every room directs to the correct direction and is faced in a proper way.
Some Vaastu Tips:

  • The main entrance of the house must face east, the rising-side of the Sun.
  • It is ideal to cook facing the east side in a south-east located kitchen.
  • The bedrooms must occupy the south-west corners.
  • ┬áThe bathrooms must be necessarily built in the northwest corners.

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